University Life

Can I visit the Faculty ?

If you are a student at Sorbonne University, free visits, given in French, are organized regularly by the school. For more information, please write to

If you are not a student at Paris-Sorbonne, you can write to to make an appointment for a paid visit, given in French. Please visit the following page :

Does the Faculty have housing facilities?

The Faculty does not have housing, nor a campus.

Here you can find some useful links regarding accommodation in Paris :

How can I advertise an internship or job offer on the university’s website?

To advertise a job offer on the Faculty’s website, please contact the "Bureau d’aide à l’insertion professionnelle" (BAIP), our University’s office for professional integration.
You should send your offer as a Word or PDF file specifying the type of offer, the name of the job, the scope and duration of the offer, and the salary.

Email address for the BAIP :

Who should I contact to receive my transcript?

Please send your request to our transcript office at

Phone number : 33 (0)1 40 46 32 62

How can I obtain access to a thesis?

For a thesis published before 1985, please contact the Sorbonne Library :

For a thesis published after 1985, please send your request to Mrs Broms.

Contact info :, 00 33 (0)1 53 10 57 53

Presentation of student life at the Faculty

París-Sorbona en cifras

21 000 Estudiantes en París-Sorbona
18 Departamentos
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