As an Individual

As an Individual

Students who are not part of an exchange program and wish to apply for a bachelor or master’s degree must submit their applications to the "Bureau des Validations de Diplômes Étrangers" (the Office for Foreign Degree Accreditation), not the "Pôle des Relations Internationales" (the International Relations Office).

It is important to note that a standardized French exam (either the TCF, the DELF or the DALF) demonstrating at least a high-intermediate (B2) level of French for admission to a bachelor’s degree and at least an advanced (C1) level of French for admission to a master’s degree (a B2 level of French suffices for admission to the Italian Studies master’s degree) is required at the time of the submission of the application via the online portal e-Candidat. Click here to learn more about the various standardized French language exams (document in French).

First-time Students Applying to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Students wishing to come study at the Faculty outside of any Erasmus program or exchange program need to apply according to the procedure established by the "Bureau des étudiants étrangers" (the "Office of Foreign Students"). The application process differs depending on whether the country the foreign student comes from is part of the "Espace économique européen" (the European Economic Area) or not. A student coming from a country outside of the European Economic Area must follow the application process via the online portal CampusFrance.

Contact Info for the "Bureau des étudiants étrangers" (Office of Foreign Students)

Galerie Richelieu, bureau C 355bis (ground floor, to the right of staircase F)

Phone: 01 40 46 34 08; fax: 01 40 46 26 08

Open to the public Monday through Friday 9:00-12:30.